Solar-powered systems for remote head gate and valve control

Hydro-electric facilities are often remote, and many are older, needing upgrades to stay compliant with codes and regulations. Installing an automated system that opens and closes head gates or valves to control water flow, while monitoring environmental conditions, can be a huge step toward more modern, efficient and safe operations.

And it can be done off-grid.

We’ll analyze your requirements and the specific environmental conditions, and we’ll design a leading-edge solar power system to meet them. The water flow control system will interface with remote communications systems, allowing local or remote data access.

By removing the need for personnel to be present onsite to turn a wheel or valve, you’ll decrease costs and improve worker safety. Increased monitoring ability will allow you to keep close watch on operations and respond quickly and precisely should a crisis situation arise.

Staying compliant while also decreasing operational costs—it’s just another example of the kind of site-specific custom control system we have the flexibility and know-how to design.