Modern power systems to increase reliability and cut costs

Whether you’re planning new construction, maintenance projects or an addition to an existing facility, electrical design is a crucial component of the finished product. As a boutique electrical engineering firm, we’ve got the flexibility and niche skillsets to develop exactly the power system you need to meet your requirements.

We offer a broad range of design expertise for commercial, industrial and utility applications, including the design and sizing of service equipment, transformers, generators, switchboards and MCCs , renewable power supplies and grid stability systems. No matter what type of facility you’re trying to power, we’ll make sure the electrical needs are met. We strive for maximum efficiency at all times, to reduce your operating costs and your environmental footprint.

We know electrical design is just one part of your project. We’ll work with your other providers to fully understand the architectural, structural, mechanical and other components, and how they fit with our own. Our goal is open communication, a modern and efficient final product—and no surprises for you.