With a growing team, it is important for us to build a healthy culture for everyone—and a big part of any workplace culture starts with the workspace itself. In an effort to reduce sitting, we’ve created modern sit/stand workstations for our staff so they can change positions throughout the day.

And by leveraging Office365 and SharePoint, we aren’t tied to our desks.  We can work from home when we have a doctor’s appointment in the morning, or if we’re feeling under the weather and don’t want to infect others on the team.

Our goals is to operate in a manner not unlike a professional sports team, meaning:

  • Everyone has a particular role to play; different skill sets and different outcomes are expected from different team members.
  • Everyone is working towards a common goal. Even though we contribute in different ways, we are all working to create an awesome place to work—one that delivers amazing results to our clients.
  • Everyone celebrates successes together. We share financial results with our staff on a quarterly basis so that staff can understand the profit-sharing potential. Transparency is very important, and it should flow both ways.
  • Our three core values are self-discipline, freedom, and responsibility. We don’t like micro managing, but we also expect to see results. Our people have the freedom to make decisions about schedules BECAUSE we trust that they have the discipline to meet their responsibilities.

At the end of the day, we want our people to be proud to work at Novate and know that they are contributing to our team in a meaningful way.

If this sounds like a place you would enjoy working, send us your resume. We’re always on the lookout for talented people.